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You Have Been Warned

Armory! It’s almost here.

The finale to My Eternal Daydream! For all of my followers [side bar: I have over 200 follows now! -gasp-] last year I decided to reveal a short story that I wrote when I was around sixteen. This short story follows two young boys: Axel and Xavier, and explores the urgency and drama of young love. I am so thankful for everyone’s support, for your love and for reading!
In five days I will be publishing the finale to My Eternal Daydream; and what’s more I am running a competition once the finale drops. In order to go into the draw all you have to do is:
– Share The Knight Life on one of your social media accounts. (Feel free to inbox me a screen shot of this, or tag me in your share! I’ll most likely get a notification of it!)
– Upload a selifie of yourself on Instagram and hashtag #theknightlife and/or #myeternaldaydream
– Or submit a question about My Eternal Daydream to my outlook email address:

This competition will close on the 20th of February, and the winner will be notified via social media and The Drawbridge (which can be found via the top side panel for desktop users, below for mobile/tablet users).
This competition is really aimed at giving back to you guys, but to also strengthen my bond with you and me. So submit your questions, share The Knight Life, or just show me a little love? I would be forever grateful.

So there you have it! Five days; lock it in; you have been warned!
I can’t wait to share it with you.


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