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You should read this blog post.

If you made it this way by opening this email attachment, or clicked on this post: well done. I congratulate you; picture you center stage and countless people putting their two palms together. Just for you. However now imagine what they are congratulating you for. Okay. Can you do this?
What are they applauding? Your High School graduation? The fact that you got your drivers licence? The fact that you woke up and got out of bed today? For whatever reason; soak in in. Allow that man-made music to absorb into every inch of your skin, saturate your pours and consume you.
Now open your eyes. Your boundless and clouds surround you. Your weightless and thousands of feet up high. You can’t see anything. No tiny outlines of your town, or your city. You are forced to think about this; this exact thing: what is the next thing you want your audience to clap for.

We dream. We all have goals. We honestly like to to pretend that we all have it together, but sometimes we are just scared insecure balls of crazy walking around with a hallow happy mask slapped on our faces. We are all just trying to make meaning of this world. We are all trying to make sense of why we are here. I recently read a quote, now I can’t remember it’s exact phrasing, but it was something to the effect of: each day is a gift; you get only that without asking. Hm, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but basically, the only thing that you or we know that the one thing that is we get without asking is essentially; tomorrow. Whatever else we do with that is entirely up to you.

Now that could confuse you, bewilder you, blind you like most people. So many faces in the crowd become confused with life, and find comfort in the busy, the normality. They become basic. Now I know that might quite an offensive label, to be honest I would be offended if someone called me basic; but the best thing about the world we are in, is that: you can change that.

Think of all the great people in this world, and think about the people around you in your life who you know are successful. They didn’t anywhere by been basic, by conforming to normality, by becoming consumed in the static. They embraced the tomorrow.
Let’s do the same.

But how?
Geez. So many people have been at that point. Trust me. -I haven’t necessarily though-. I’ve had so many things that I want to be swirling withing my head; but I’ve never been directionless. I’ve always had too many directions, too many placed that I have wanted to go.

What I want you to do is come up with two answers:
1. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year (just one!)
2. What is the first small step that you are going to make in achieving this goal?

I’ll give you an example:
1. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year: to self-published a Christmas children’s book with three other business associates.
2. What is the first small step that you are going to make in achieving this goal: I am meeting up with them this week to discuss the layout of each page and the character designs.

Once you have got a goal, it’s best to realize so you don’t get disappointed that everything can always happen over night, trust me I wish it would. Having a major goal is so exciting because you get to go on a journey, break it down and take each step as carefully as you want.

But it will never start if you make that first step!

Copy the two questions that I asked you, and fill it in and comment below; I am intrigued to know. You can also feel free to email me your two answers if you prefer. I want this year to change you, to make a difference, and it can all happen. One step at a time.
Be prepared to have an update on my desk in a months time!


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4 thoughts on “You should read this blog post.

  1. 1. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year:
    Where do I start – there’s a long list of what I want to get done this year – start wrapping up my degree and figure out something to do with it… Make exercise and healthy food a lifestyle, vague stuff like “get organised” and enjoy life as it is rather than living for some far off happier time… Find confidence in my own voice and opinions… Figure out where I really want my life to be heading…
    But really what I want to accomplish is to finish the Duke of Edinburgh award I started years ago. That would help everything else, and it’s been a few years that I’ve wanted to do it too.
    2. What is the first small step that you are going to make in achieving this goal:
    Find the money for the award registration fee… Sort out my activities one by one…send off all the forms :)

    Loved this blog post Mr Knight :)

    1. Hello Rosemarymeow ;)!
      Haha, oh I know how it is, it’s so easy to just get caught up in life! Life has a funny way of distracting us and sometimes side-tracking or shelving something that we really want to do. I am excited that aside from all the other wonderful things that you want to do this year, that you have decided on a goal this year, and a small step to achieve it.
      I hope you can raise the money for the registration and send off all the paper work soon, the sooner you do it, the sooner you could move on to the next small step? :).

  2. Great post sir!

    1. I want to self publish a poetry collection. I wanted to do this last year, but I kept writing and writing and….you get the point.
    2. Organize the poems I have written already.

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