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Have you been daydreaming?

Well, come on now, have you?
Haha; do you even know what I’m on about? Hm. Maybe not; and that’s okay!
Last year I decided to share with my small precious fans/followers/Armory something very close to me. When I was [around 16] I had a somewhat ‘relationship.’ After that ended I, in my dramatic teenage angst, locked myself up in my room for a few days; and this is the result. My Eternal Daydream. This eight part series is something that I hold quite close to me, and is something that I thought I would never share with anybody! But alas, now I have!
So this begs the question: have you read it?

So begin to your journey and attend the Masquerade at Midnight, click HERE. I would be forever grateful, even if you just read a few lines!
To Unmask the Figure in part two, click HERE.
To Daydream at Whitman palace in part three, click HERE.
To feel everything Tighter in part four, click HERE.
To uncover The Harsh Reality in part five, click HERE.
To feel the Heartache in the Sand in part six, click HERE.
and to find out if this is really The End in part seven, click HERE.

But wait! It’s not over; there is still part eight!
So I’ve set a date Armoury; 10/2! That’s right; my little early Valentines day treat for you this year is my finale and eighth part of My Eternal Daydream! But that is not all:
I am running a competition! Yes that is also right! A small little competition just for my fans on here!
In order to go into the draw for this competition all you have to do is either one of the following:
– Share The Knight Life on one of your social media accounts. (Feel free to inbox me a screen shot of this, or tag me in your share! I’ll most likely get a notification of it!)
– Upload a selifie of yourself on Instagram and hashtag #theknightlife and #myeternaldaydream
– Or submit a question about My Eternal Daydream to my outlook email address:, I will be posting a Q and A article about My Eternal Dream next month in February.
If you do either one of these three options, you will go into the draw to win a personalized dreamcatcher locket from Etsy, delivered to your door; free of charge. On me! So all of your bad dreams can fly away and all of your good dreams can come true! Courtsey of AimeezArtz.

So what are you waiting for?
Share The Knight Life now, and I’ll count down the days until the 10th of Feb, maybe you might too? Until then, maybe catch up on My Enternal Daydream, and even feel free to enter the competition now by sharing The Knight Life or sending me a question about My Eternal Daydream to my email. For now; the date is set! This competition closes on the 20th of February and the winner will be drawn on the 21st! The Q and A article in February will be a collection of the best questions that I receive in my email inbox and will be posted on the 23rd of February!


* You can find a link a link to the Dreamcatcher Locket HERE.

11 thoughts on “Have you been daydreaming?

    1. I’ve been well :) Holidays were nice, how were yours? Life is slowly coming back on track after the holidays disrupted everything. It’s hard getting back to a routine! Speak soon!

    2. I do agree! Haha I don’t go back to Uni for just under two months so I’m filling up my days untill I get a routine again!! What are your plans for this year?

    3. No real solid plans as of yet. Hope to travel a bit and write lots. I hope to be more productive overall. That’s vague enough, huh? LOL
      Enjoy the break from Uni!

    4. I will, are you studying? If so do you get a break? Oh wonderful, where are you planning to get off you, and to write?
      Haha… not too vague… It’s exciting!!!

    5. I’m done with school for now. I have a bachelors degree and an incomplete masters lol. Hmm I will travel locally within the US but maybe Europe or Central America. I am currently renewing my passport :)

    6. That sounds exciting! Maybe travelling will give you a new sense of inspiration!! How exciting!!
      Haha yes, two years left!

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