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I’m an open book.

Hello Armory! Welcome to first official post for 2015; I am beyond thrilled! I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Thank you to all of the people who have liked, subscribed and begun to follow me and The Knight Life, there is just no words!
So; first things first: [Side note; instantly had Fancy by Iggy Azalea run through my head], let’s get down to business! One of the major things that come to mind when having a blog on the internet is that; essentially: you are opening your life up to the world. What once was private is now public; and that can be as much daunting as it is exciting. The main intention of this small post is to open up to you all and let you in on a little bit about the who, what and why of this blog, so essentially the who, what and why of The Knight Life. So onward we press:

The Who: 

The Knight Life is made of two people: you and me. It’s about us. This is our castle, you are my Armory and I am your Knight! (Gotta love my last name). The Knight Life is a safe space for us to talk, discuss and go on a journey together. I am now on many social networking platforms; facebook, instagram and twitter to name a few. My main hub of communication that I will have with you is through my website (which your on right now) which is run through a blogging website called, and my email: j.rknight@outlook. This is a place where you can ask me all that you wish, when you wish, as you wish. This article is titled; I’m an open book. So use that to your advantage!

The What:

The What! What is this website all about? Well it’s simple; it is about me and you also (never forget that!) This is a place where I will share my life with you and you will share your life with me! Each week I will be posting a combination of things; more of which you can find out in my first article ‘It’s Knight Time,’ which you will find: HERE. But aside from that, The Knight Life is about my journey to becoming a successful author. Now I briefly tried to do this a couple years ago, I typed up a few little articles when I was writing and editing the first draft of my novel ‘Hearts,’ [which you will find out more about this year,] but I never really tried whole heartedly. Well alas! I am going full force, and I don’t care if I have one follower of one thousand, I won’t stop writing, sharing and collaborating with you!

The Why:

Ah, the why! Why am I doing this? Well the main reason is; I’ve always been a writer. You know when people say: ‘As long as I could talk, I knew I wanted to do this,’ etc, etc, or ‘As soon as I opened my mouth/put on some ballet slippers/bought my first skateboard,’ and so on and so forth – I never thought I had one of those stories. But I do! As soon as I had a pen and paper/laptop; I knew I wanted to be a writer. Whether it was writing about a fat cat on a mat (the first story I think I wrote on one of those old school laptops by the way, took me ages; was so proud when I finished it!) or if I’m finishing the first draft of my upcoming novel; I knew I want to be a writer.
So essentially The Knight Life is about sharing with you my ability, my insight and my writing. If you a writer; show it. Believe it, breathe it, live it. [That is very tweet worthy! Feel free to tweet that!]. So The Knight Life is exactly that; this is me finally showing you; this is me, this is how I am and this is what I can do!

So that it is! My book is open [metaphorically speaking, calm down!] and I have now opened myself up to you [Oh god, maybe I should just stop now!] But now it’s your turn, for all of you who are here; comment below or email me! Tell me about about you! I want to hear as much as you have to say! Let us create our own little library together!


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