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It’s Knight Time

It’s finally here! The Knight Life. Everything before this has been foreplay; it has finally started!
To ready you for The Knight Life, I wanted to give you a break down of five reasons why you should join The Knight Life and why it will change your life:

1. Your supporting someone’s dream.
Let’s face it. We all have dreams (yes, yes we do)! Support my dream and I will support you. I was this to be as much about you as it is me; so let’s go on a journey together. We can go places! By subscribing to The Knight Life, it’s the beginning steps of supporting my dream and watching me grow from the smallest steps to the biggest strides.

2. Let me entertain you.
I have lot’s of things to share with you and lots of advice to give. I don’t want to toot my own horn here; but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I had a lil’ talent. You can expect to get lost within The Knight Life. The major things that I will be posting in 2015 is a 25 part character series titled ‘Crowds,’ blog posts about Inspiration and Writing, Interviews that I have had with people who inspire me, my upcoming book ‘Hearts,’ AND a wonderful project that I am working on with two of my dear friends that will be published in 2015.
Get excited! Whenever you see a: [New Post] from The Knight Life in your inbox, set aside a few minuets on your break, on the train ride home, or before bed; and escape into my castle.

3. You will get something for nothing.
This year I plan on doing at least two major competitions, and sharing with you many tricks and tips that I have learnt over the years. I endeavor to share with you things that I never thought of sharing and confess things that I never dared of confessing. The first of the two competitions will be within the first half of the year, so what do you have to loose?

4. I am worth it.
Okay, I’m not Loreal, or is it Maybeline? Not sure how to spell both of those, or which one has that tag line. But The Knight Life is worth your time. Trust me! I will be loyal to you if you follow me, invest a little bit each week in the posts I will make and spread the love by sharing The Knight Life and commenting and ASK me if there is anything that I could do for you. Want to guest blog? Have something that you would like to share? It can all happen, right here!

5. I will keep my promise.
This is probably my biggest one, I am going to say it again so to add effect; I will keep my promise. I want to be the type of guy/blog/blogger/author etc who says that they are going to do something and actually does it. How exciting would that be? It you would like an idea of what I wish to accomplish this year, check out my about page, there I will have this years goals. Let’s go on this journey together!


What to expect to The Knight Life:


– The Knight Life intends to post at least once a week. Now does this suit everybody? Honestly; comment below and let me know. More than two posts a week I feel would be overwhelming. I intend to post a bit more on my professional instagram and facebook accounts, but you can expect at least one post a week. I intend to post on a Monday night at 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time. Now; does that suit you all? Either way, weather you are over the seas on on Brunswick St, you can expect your Knight Life fix at the start of the week. Let me know if this suits you!

– The Knight Life will be filled with short stories, which will usually be in parts, occasionally poems / blogs that inspire, motivate, provoke thought / blogs that intend to improve and better your writing (if you happen to be a fellow writer) / inspirational interviews about inspiring people / my personal writing journey.

– The Knight Life is a safe space for you, a castle that will embrace you, take you in and armor you!

So – what are you waiting for? Click the menu in the top right hand corner and scroll down to enter in your email and join The Knight Life!
I am so excited that you are here, that you are clicking and visiting the night night life; so have a wonderful Christmas, and a safe and happy new year and I will see you then! I cannot wait!


14 thoughts on “It’s Knight Time

  1. Dreams are never easy, and it doesn’t hurt to get a little support sometimes. But of course, convincing someone to be onboard is no walk in the park. Haha!

    1. Do full time authoring :) If I could live off simply as an indie author, that would be a dream come true. Not an easy one to achieve though.

    2. I agree! But how amazing would it be to make a living off something that exists purely within your mind?! I’m so excited for you! When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

    3. Super amazing! Haha! Thank you :)

      Hmm, I wanted to be a lot of things growing up but I loved storytelling. Not sure when I decided I wanted to be a writer, but I started writing stories in my pre-teen years.

    4. Haha! I’m not there yet :) They are all in e-books but I hope to turn them into paperbacks one day.

      The secret? I guess it takes a lot of perseverance. Even if you know your book might not be selling well, you cannot give up on it. I have this practice that when I start something, I must finish it. I apply that to my books and I make sure I complete all of them.

    5. Honestly that is the secret! So many people ask me/tell me; I have this idea for a story but I haven’t started it; what is the secret! the ‘secret’ is perserverance and also belief. I belive in you!
      So I am intrigued; what ARE your stories about? ^_^

    6. Thank you :) We could all use a little faith from others once in a while. It’s never easy dream chasing alone. Haha!

      Mostly fantasy stuff :) Some spin offs and drama too.

      You’re a writer too, am I right?

    7. It doesn’t! You are so right, seriously ^_^. How refreshing is this conversation! Haha, I must check out your blog now; I just started following you!
      Yes, I am a writer and author like you; I honestly just stepped into this blogging game!
      Have you been blogging for long? :)

    8. Haha! Thank you, and thank you for the follow :)

      I’ve been blogging since 2011. It has been quite a while, haha! But it has helped me improve tremendously with my writing.

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