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Knoble Thoughts: The Sydney Siege

Dear Armory,

I wanted to provide a safe space in which we could share, discuss and talk about the recent events that have happened in Sydney, Australia. For a full overview of this devastation, I have provided a link to the Age’s break down of these events Here.
For those who do not live in Australia and haven’t heard, yesterday I woke up to discover that there was a hostage situation within a busy cafe within Sydney, with many held hostage at gun point. For our country, something like isn’t necessarily common; we of course, like most countries, have violence and crime, however something on this scale was quite frightening.

Later, after coming home from work I researched online and discovered that the man within the building had made a list of demands, including a specific flag to be brought into the cafe, to let all forms of media know that Australia was at war, and to communicate to his – [the guman’s] – brothers to not set off the other bombs that surround the city. The gunman had also recorded videos of a handful of women behind a flag in the cafe, requesting that they recite these demands and upload them on to youtube. Oddly, it took my many attempts to find the links to these videos, as youtube was very vigilant to remove these posts. Also, I listened to Tony Abbot’s speech on these matter, which asked our country to ‘appreciate that even in a society such as ours, they are people who would wish to do us harm,’  – which you can find Here.

This morning I woke to discover that with great sadness both the gunman and two hostages where killed during the climax of this situation.

My intention of this Knoble Thought is address my feelings on this situation, and ask you of yours. The reason I haven’t mention above the ‘type’ of flag that held up on the glass of the cafe, or requested by the gun man to be brought in, is because I feel as if it isn’t my place. I also feel as if it is not my place to suggest what country is declaring that is at war with Australia (as per the request of the gunman). I wish to embrace our positive communal societal values, to treat each other with kindness, and to never assume anything of anyone based on their ethnicity. I am unsure as to why these requests weren’t met by the gunman, and how exactly these three fatalities occurred, I am distressed that any fatality has occurred and my heart goes out to the city of Sydney and those who were impacted by these deaths.

With that, I encourage you to share you views, opinions, beliefs and any news that you have on The Knight Life. Please also be mindful that I do approve/deny comments, and I will not be sharing any comments that the I believe are hurtful or negative.

I ask you all to enlighten yourselves on this event, stand together and stay safe Armory.


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2 thoughts on “Knoble Thoughts: The Sydney Siege

  1. This makes me feel sick…

    As I sat naively in the safe surroundings of my home with my family, I realised how the things we hear in the media about war overseas and see in movies are becoming a bit too real and close to home. I consider myself so lucky that I have grown up in a safe community where I am respected and heard, but seeing those people flee from the cafe with looks of horror on their faces, it hit me that this could be anyone and anywhere.

    I think what really terrifies me is that this could just be the beginning. I understand this was just one extremest that decided to share a message in an extremely dangerous and outrageous way. I believe that this man is not ‘alone’. I fear that there are others out there that are going to react to this occasion and take it as an opportunity to share their ideologies in possibly more extreme radical ways. I honestly hope not… but I am not aware of what these people are capable of (my naive trait coming through again…).

    It saddens me that our world fights to resolve conflict. Much like Martin Luther King stated “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can”, and I wish it was through love and understanding that we resolved conflict. I honestly feel stupid saying that because as I do their are wars going on, people dying and here I am again feeling safe in my lounge room. It is my hopes and dreams to change the lives of people for the better and I guess seeing all that has happened in the last 24 hours has motivated me more to do this.

    My deepest sympathy goes out to those families who lost a love one and to the people that faced this terrifying experience that I cannot even begin to fathom. Their lives will be changed forever and I hope they have to courage to share their experiences and empower people to make a positive change to what our society is becoming.


    1. That was beautiful Amy! I completely agree, we need to huddle together to create positive change. Do you think that we, as a nation, will be able to recover from this? Do you think that we will be able to turn our fear into empowerment?
      Thank you again for contributing!

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