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My Eternal Day Dream: Part Four

Hello there again Armory! I’m feeling the love, and I just want to say thank you again for even clicking and reading a little bit of this short story. Here is the fourth part, the half way mark, enjoy!

Part Four: Tighter

The cool breeze whispered onto my skin as we both lay in each other’s arms on the hilly grass. He led me in and asked me to stay for the rest of the night and together we stayed up talking; hours and hours past and the sun was about to rise.

I traced circles into his cheeks as I lay in his bare chest, his shirt and sweater wrapped around my chattering body. The world seemed distant, light years away as I memorized him. I did not know what was happening to me, in the past 24-hours hours it seemed to me as if I was not even living in my own body anymore. But this felt right, warm and somehow safe in his arms as if nothing would ever happen to me. He was protecting me from the morning, from everyone, from hurtful stares and sickening glances. This was my safe place now. He was my safe place now.

“You over think,” he stated, running a hand through my hair and down my back. He kissed my hair and wrapped his arms around me tighter. Then, as if his embrace had snapped something inside of me, I then began to break down.

“Tighter,” I insisted.

I clasp my arms around him, almost to the brink of tears. This was going to end, I was going to wake up the next day and the dream would be over, I did not want this to stop; I was cold but he made my warm.

“Don’t let me go,” I whispered into his ear and he cupped my head in his hands.

“I won’t,” he hushed to me, his sweet breath dripping into my skin. I pulled his head into my shoulder and cradled it. “I don’t want this to end,” I whispered once more.

“Either do I. I want you Xavier. I want to be with you and hold you and soothe you and be there for you.”

“I want you to,” I said as I lay my head beside him and kissed his cheek which glistened from the tears in the supple moonlight.

“Let’s never wake up from this dream,” he declared, and  I held so tight to the point where it hurt, but I did not care. I needed him right now more than the oxygen, the light, the sun in this world.

“This feels right,” he said and I nodded agreement.

It was wrong in the eyes of so many, but our hearts were blind to the fact that we were falling for each other. I did not choose this but I am now choosing to be with him. That night I feel asleep to the eremitic purr of his beating heart, his arms shielding me from the cold and the darkness.

I could see bold sharp sparks of the sun cutting through the clouds, streaks of pink swirling through the sky; staining the world. Birds flew into the heavens as the golden light of the sun made me open my eyes; but something was different. He was tense, and anxious and worried.

Everything had changed.

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