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My Eternal Daydream: Part Three

Hello there again, and thank you again so much for reading! Below is the third part to My Eternal Day Dream. Enjoy and I will post the forth part later this week. Please feel free to give me any advice; submit your contribution to The Knight Life below.

Part Three: Mystical Dreaming at Whitman Palace

I decided I would go.

It would go beyond anything that I believed in, but somehow it did not matter. For some unknown reason what I had shared with him at Allequet Mansion meant more to me than just his sex. Admittedly though, I have preconceived expectations. I do not think, that I could, knowing and with full awareness kiss another man. It would kill all my beliefs; it would destroy everything. Yet I was still here, and apart of me wanted to me here. I tossed and turned on these details as I turned the corner and entered the barricaded community of the rich. Golden arches, sparkling fountains and marble sculptures surrounded me.

How could I? I continued to debate within me. Why was I here? Where does the line get drawn? What is acceptable and what is unacceptable?

I waited at the gate. His house was a monstrosity; a boastful black and gold gate with long swaying trees that lined a path to a elegant fortress. I saw him walking down the hill in the pale glow of the lights behind him. He came to the gate.

“I thought you would not come,” he said softly through the iron grills.

“You thought wrong,” I said simply. His were eyes shining and burning into my skin; even from the black velvet backdrop of the night sky.

“Father is home, but is retiring to bed soon, wait around near the back entrance and I shall be there.”

He smiled and I stood there, and a tension of departing, awkwardness began to unfold. Through the bars he extended his arm and cupped it around my cheek, brushing his cool finger tips on the line of my chin. I closed my eyes and then he vanished from sight. Pitifully, I placed my hand where he had just touched me and pondered if it all just happened too quickly or if I was really dreaming.

I walked around the fortress, and through the gates I saw the elegance and atmosphere inside the palace. Marble arches licked the edges of illustrated glass that shaped the border of the living room, and through the tinkle of the many highly positioned chandeliers I watched Axel’s father dismiss the servants as he climbed the magnificent staircase to his sleeping chamber. The velvet curtains where drawn by the maid and the scene was swallowed. I continued walking around to the back which housed an stunning garden, with fountains, sculptures and a crystal pool of aqua blue.

Moments later I saw him walking down the hill, once again to meet me. Even in the dark I could highlight his masculine beauty. His long silky fringe curved down to his chin which, just above occupied soft, yet blood stained lips. His eyes glowed with anticipation as he approached me.

“Forgive me for making you wait,” he said.

“You don’t need my forgiveness, but if you must I accept your apology.”

“Please,” he said extending his hand out from the gate and yearning for me to come closer, “Move towards me.”

The iron bars where spaced out so that I could just fit my hands and my head though, but my body could not. I brushed my hands up his, and pulled the sleeves of his shirt up, and wrapped my hands around his neck. He moved closer but I put my head down.

“Something bothering you?” he asked, his voice cautious and light.

“No,” I said looking at him, wondering if this was real. “But I don’t know, I am not sure if I can, if I want to do this. What he shared at the Mansion –“

“Oh so now you tell,” he laughed, “You do accept that you and I did embrace? Or do you think that it was still just a vague blur? I think, for the sake of curiosity that you once more, let me taste your lips, if only to discover whether or not you were dreaming.”

I merely contemplated his offering before relinquishing every numbing negative thought in my mind. I could not resist.

Holding onto the front of his shirt I pulled him into me and curled my arms around his waist as tight as the bars would let me. He held onto one of the iron grills and held my face with his other hand and shut my eyes. My breathing began to slow down and become heavy as my heart bleated against my tingling body. Ribbons of adrenalin twirled through my chest as he began to kiss my neck and dig into my shoulder. I ran my fingers through his smooth hair. I breathed faster as his kissed my check, my upper lip, my lower lip, my chin, my forehead and my nose. I wrapped both arms around him and dived. I explored his mouth with my tongue, grasping onto the poles in hope that I wouldn’t slip due to dizziness. I begged to come up for air but I was desperate to stay close to him, to be with him and for this to never end. Tonight there was no marks, no masquerade to conceal our identities. Tonight he was mine.

My lips began to sting and I pulled away, he panted as I clung onto the pole and slid down to the pebbles. His did up his shirt and sat down on the grass and through the holes in the iron bars we bent down to whisper:

“I’ll open the gate and you shall come in.”

I nodded.

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  1. You know, I’m actually quite glad I waited to read all this because I don’t know how I would have dealt with this suspense lol. I love a good binge.

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