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My Eternal Daydream: Part Two

Hello there again! I hope that you are enjoying My Eternal Daydream; I am so happy to be sharing it with you. Please feel free to leave any comments below, or email me directly about what you think. I love to hear what my Armory has to say! Enjoy the second of this eight part series and I will see you again very soon!

Part Two: Figure Unmasked

The next day was quite laborious, when compared to the events of last night. My mind was on another planet as I sat, sunken back into the shadows of my Latin Glass. My every thought was consumed around my mystery kiss. Who were they and would I ever see them again?

I tried ever so hard to look for them; but no one compared to the bright intensity of their artic blue eyes. They melted me like a blistering sun belting down on an ice capped mountain; and even through the darkness of my dreams last night I could see them, shining in the black void.

I noticed when the lights had come on that they had stolen my rose, and I now that I recall, I remembered that they were twirling it through their fingers as we kissed. I thought about its pure scent, and the crisp smell of the champagne on our breath, the fresh perfume of the grass, and their impossible scent. I relented into a day dreamed; it all seemed like a dream, us kissing and the potent passion of our incurable appetite for each other.

“Class, quite down,” preceded the monotonous voice of our teacher in Italian, “For we have a new addition to our class.”

Curious eyes chattered with excitement as I groaned, and praying to the Gods to abduct me and take me to another world I put my head down in boredom. The door opened as I floated off.

“Take a seat next to Xavier at the back,” said my teacher to the new student, “And maybe you could tell him to make haste and wake up before he will be sent out of my class!”

I lifted my head as the figure sat next to me, and I caught just a sample of their smell. Fruity, like the forest and rain, and then I looked at them, their eyes:

Blue, Icy and Hypnotically Captivating!

But then something exploded inside my chest as I paid detail to the other parts of their body. Correction. His body. Long silken hair that covered his eyes, smooth pale ivory skin that almost seemed white and ghostlike. Pale red, poisonously plump and delicious lips and soft delicate fingers.

“Please to meet you, Xavier, my name is Axel.” His voice was musical, almost majestic.

But I stopped. My whole world just crumbled, broke, ended.

“We’ve met before haven’t we?” I asked.

“I believe we might’ve,” Axel said conversationally, a curious and mischievous smile dancing under his lips, “My cousin, Alista Allequet had her masquerade ball last night, and I have to say I had the most incredible, fervent kiss with someone last night. How about yourself? You attended the event did you not?”

I nodded.

“And did you kiss someone?” he asked, biting down a beautiful smile.

I nodded once more.

“And how were they?”

“I don’t know exactly,” I said noticing, as my heat skipped many beats, a white rose in his front pocket, “It all seems like a dream, like a vague, inexplicable delusion.”

“Well you must remember if they were of some satisfaction,” he asked, now obvious that he was toying with my emotions and flirting with my false ignorance.

“Yes,” I said empty. “They were to my satisfaction.”

We sat for the rest of the class in silence.

I noticed his long white, ghostly hand inches from mine, but never touching. His pale face had the complexion of a dove and his blazing frosty eyes that watched me from the corner of his stare. My mind was working at a thousand miles per hour. This was not happening…


I don’t even know how to feel, to comprehend, to justify or to explain any of this.

Before the end of class, so elegantly he slipped me a note and walked out without making eye contact, I unfolded the carefully folded piece of paper and read the writing:

Meet me at Whitman Palace tonight and you’ll discover if your daydream was really a reality.
– Axel

I tried to breathe but suddenly I had no lungs. I folded the note and put it into my pocket and decided what I should do now that my midnight kissed had been unmasked.

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  1. Gah! I love this. I wondered for a moment how wonderful if Xavier’s kiss had not been a girl after all. I’m off to find out what is next!

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