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Where dreams are made of.

Welcome to New York!

Okay, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had the window seat, it was late at night, maybe 10pm? Everyone was asleep around me, the lights were dimmed, the flight attendants where in the wings pouring coffee and chatting. I turned on my i-pod and blasted the most fitting song that I could find: Empire State of Mind. My heart sped up like the chorus as the clouds thinned and through a veil of mystic wonder the concrete island that is Manhattan was revealed.

So, if you haven’t gathered from my blog posts, or me in general: I love New York. Let me tell you five reasons why:

1. It’s fetishised
Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, SVU: there is a reason why these are my favourite shows. TV, movies, music; they fetishise New York. They glorify it with flashing lights, breath-taking camera angles and cinematic shots of the most unique characters of all: the buildings, the streets and the nature of Manhattan.

2. It never sleeps
I remember landing at around 10:30pm and didn’t get out of JFK until 11ish. I walked up to the Information Desk to ask what should I do or get up too; I didn’t just want to go to my hotel, I was in New York. She scoffed at me and pointed on the map to Time Square. Stupidly I asked: wouldn’t it be shut? Her reply was sour and bland, as if she had repeated it a thousand times: ‘It’s the city the never sleeps.’ Time Square never closes.

3. Everyone wants to be there
Will and Grace, Friends almost any sitcom/TV show is set in NYC but filmed LA. Everyone wants their show to be set in New York; every one wants to live there. Everyone wants to be there, experience it, live it, breathe its air.

4. It’s in your face
New York is boastful, its larger than life, the skyscrapers almost reach the heavens, the lights wash over your like a colorful storm, the air will singed through you and leech onto your bones. You will remember New York; but it won’t remember you. Hundreds of thousands of celebrities wake up in New York, and hey, the city barely remembers them. It will lure you under its spell, and ensure that you never for get its magical charm.

5. It’s where dreams are made
As they say, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.
Imagine waking up in New York, in a sky scraping penthouse hotel. Beside you your i-phone beeps you to wake up, whilst your blackberry is ringing. You slide your i-phone silent and answer your blackberry. It’s your assistant. She tells you ‘Good Morning and welcome to New York! Your car will be here in an hour to take you to your book signing… in Times Square!’ You jump out of your bed and race to the window. You’re here. You’re famous. You have made it.

*I wrote this small blog whilst sipping my new fave tea, aptly named New York Breakfast:

*I also was listening to Taylor Swift’s song ‘Welcome to New York.’ Such a dag I know.
*The photo that is the backdrop of this blog post was actually taken by me, in a NYC cab on my way to Time Square. The lady at the Information Desk was right; Time Square never closes, I stayed there until 5am shopping.

So: now I want to throw it back onto you Armory! Comment below (if any of you even get a chance to read this), I want to hear what is your desired city of choice, the one that you want to wake up in and be famous; where is the one city that you want to make it in?
You now know mine.


5 thoughts on “Where dreams are made of.

    1. Oh lovely, where about’s do you live? Don’t get me wrong: haha, I LOVE my city (Melbourne, Australia). It will always be home to me, but I suppose I have big dreams! Thank you for following me on twitter also!

    2. I live in the UK in a bustling city which I am very keen to get away from :D Though I’m sure if you gave me a few months in the rural countryside, I would be craving some of the things only a city can provide!

  1. Great post! I love New York City. If I could choose any city to live in I would have a very hard time making the choice but I would probably go with San Francisco. Can’t even explain it, I spent a semester in San Jose and spent a lot of time driving out there. I fell in love :D

    1. Oooh! I have a friend who went to San Fran, and said that she too fell in love! Also, fun fact: San Fran is the first city to ban bottled water! Sounds like a beautiful place to live!<3

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