Setting the sun...


Phresh Out The Runway.

Okay, I have to confess; another song that I am in love with. On repeat. A dedicated fave on my writing playlist. When I first heard it I was going for a jog… Hm, okay walk, and from the moment I heard the first few bars I blasted it with my headphones in; swag. This song makes you strut, gives you this sassy confidence in your step; work it!
I picture flying first class, endless champagnes and waking up in a new country and not know exactly where you are. Exuberant fashion, hundred dollar bills and the private luxury that only the extremely wealthy can afford. In other words; me in a few years!
I’m not going to lie; I dream that one day I will take myself there. With hard work, determination and sacrifice. Hard work pays off! Endless interviews in city after city, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo. I will get there. First you have to dream, and take those first steps.
Maybe not the runway, but for now this song will do!