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Help desk please!

People of the internet I call on you! The phone is ringing, I’ve been transferred three times and for the last hour I’ve been listening to that stupid monotonous music that they subject you to whenever you call a help desk… Okay, not really; but now you get the picture!
It’s time to hear from you, I want to know in preparation for my official blog next year: what exactly makes a good blog? Is it interesting subject matter, reliable posts, quick and witty content? Tell me your thoughts?!
This is just my prelude, the build up to my actual official blog next year, but I really wanted to take the time to ask; help me please?!
So feel free to comment below, or email me specifically at:
I can’t wait to hear from you Armory!

4 thoughts on “Help desk please!

  1. I really think that aside from content that I enjoy a blog should be consistently updated. When things feel abandoned people tend to abandon them back. Something else that feels important is making yourself available to your readers by responding to comments etc. Hope that helps. Good luck!

    1. Hello Mishka,
      Thank you for your comment, I will start by building a kind of relationship by responding to your wonderful suggestion.
      I look forward to hearing your contributions!
      J.R Knight

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